Levitra on-Demand for patients undergoing a Prostatectomy

Levitra, the erectile dysfunction drug know as generic Viagra along with Cialis, has been proven to be very effective to help manly erection problems on subjects that have undergone radical nerve sparing prostatectomy, as it has been reported in some European Urology publications such as journals and laboratory results. The ground breaking and very important job of the serious and clinically controlled experiments were carried out by the Bayer Schering company of pharmaceuticals, using a random and double blind placebo introduced multi center method for the studies done and carefully data recompilation based on instrumental and observatory measures. All the tests performed and the experiment in itself as a general was designed to test the efficiency of Levitra taken every night in counterpart with Levitra taken on demand, that is just when needed, and the placebo controlled subjects and how they reacted to sexual stimulation, or more in concrete if they could use Levitra to achieve a permanent erection after undergoing the medical procedure known as nerve sparing radical prostatectomy.

After performing tests and other experiments on subjects that had approximately fourteen days to nine months before had undergone the operation, this being the initial double blind study phase, Levitra showed a well recognized and significative improvement in cases over those subjects not taking Levitra but were rather given a compressed sugar pill known as placebo. Of the total up to fifty percent of the men taking Levitra nightly, forty four of the subjects taking Levitra of demand and just eleven percent of the men taking placebos reported having normal reactions to sexual stimulation including full, long lasting erections. Of these individuals more than half taking Levitra on demand reported a satisfactory conclusion to their sexual engagement, meaning that they were able to achieve ejaculation. Also forty tree percent of the people subjected to Levitra on a daily bases also reported a satisfactory ending to their sexual engagement, compared to just a twenty five percent of the men who reported their ending and that were given the sugar compress pills.

Lead investigator Francisco Montorsi, researcher attached to the University of San Vitto de Lucia in the heartland of Italy commented that based upon the results achieved by their experiments and observations they are confident to say that Levitra on demand is an excellent alternative for patients that have undergone the surgery and want to engage in normal relations with their couple without having to worry about not being able to perform, or to not be able to "go all the way". Now that Levitra is here it might actually help men a lot and so further studies are being conducted right now, to engage in resolving other men's health related diseases and problems.