Generic Cialis is Tadalafil

Online pharmacies make obtaining generic Cialis very simple and convenient as all generic medication is shipped directly to your home or place of business. It important though that you maintain the posology according the pharmacological design, especially with PDE5 inhibitor molecules. But, this is something trivial and losing sleep over this is futile. The important thing is that there is in fact generic medication for erectile dysfunction and that this medication is obtained cheaply through an online pharmacy. This is the main reason for online pharmacies to exist. They provide you with the most efficient way to maintain the inventory, medical records and licensed health professionals in their staff to provide you, the consumer with the best service available in the pharmaceutical industry. While the brand name medication pharmaceuticals have become huge and big in employee numbers they also have become sluggish and laid back. The only thing where they are pretty sharp is in charging steep prices for their patented medication and if you are one of those people, who for one reason or another do not have health insurance or the right kind of medical insurance are unable to obtain the medication they require.

The side effects in generic Cialis are basically the same as with Sildenafil Citrate; for example, headaches, stomach cramps, blurred vision and blood pressure changes with the difference being that you would take Tadalafil with much less frequency than its Sildenafil Citrate counterpart. In a few words, Cialis online is much softer in the system and you do not need to worry about penile tissue damage for any reason whatsoever because of the low intake frequency.

Cheap Cialis is today the medication of choice when it comes to the erectile dysfunction problem (EDS). This generic Cialis (Tadalafil) works in a different way than generic Viagra starting with the active ingredient. The active ingredient in generic Cialis is called (Tadalafil) reason why I have attached it to the main description. One of the main difference is when you use generic Cialis you only need one pill for every thirty six hours instead of generic Viagra's three hours prior approach. What this generic medication allows you to do is to pick the proper time for sexual intercourse within a thirty six hour window of opportunity. What Tadalafil does is that you drastically reduce the side effects because you are taking one pill every three days. So, I think this is an advantage that needs to be considered if your are thinking in using this particular generic medication.

Care should always be in the forefront of the use for generic Cialis though as your health is very important. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome it is always wise to see your doctor and then buy the prescribed generic medication though an online pharmacy.