What are PDE-5, and how do they help with erectiledysfunction.

Are you about to fight erectile dysfunction but are not really sure what a PDE-5 inhibitor is. Do not worry about this because millions of people in the world have the same question. Out of the 3 PDE-5 inhibitors there is the world renowned Viagra, with it's active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, and there are also two rising stars in the field. Tadalafil, better known as Cialis, and Vardenafil better known as Levitra are making their way and mark on the marketplace, specially in North America and Europe.

Levitra is the most recent of them all. These PDE-5 inhibitors react with the body allowing blood to flow more freely around the body and specially to the penis are by relaxing the peneal arteries in response to sexual stimulation. Levitra allows more and freely flowing blood to go into the penis cavity and help men achieve an erection.

Levitra is a common erectile dysfunction drug that can be effective in 70% of the male population, and it is available in two point five, five, ten and twenty mg presentation. Levitra should be taken 20 minutes to one hour before having sex, as opposed to Cialis and Viagra that have to be taken with lots more advanced time, at least one to two hours before sexual activities.

Common side effects of Levitra include mild head and back aches, upset stomach and in very rare cases temporary loss of vision or seeing everything in a bluish hue. This are common side effects to all sexual impotence drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, it's not specific to any one of the solutions, but mostly a common side effect of the treatment.

Consult your physician to see if Levitra is right for you, whether Levitra will have any side effects on your system or whether you might take Levitra, Cialis or Viagra, which has already helped over 40 million men all around the world. Levitra is there for you when you need it the most.

Buying Generic Viagra Online for ED

Buying generic Viagra online has to be one of the easiest purchases you have experienced. The advent of the internet and its many technologies have enabled online pharmacies to allow the thousands of people who need to buy generic Viagra online do so at prices, which are very low. So, when you buy generic Viagra online remember that you are buying quality as well and not only experiencing tremendous savings. Having said this, I would like to concentrate on the issues that deal directly with buying generic Viagra online and try to elucidate several factors that will provide for you’re a clearer picture of what you need to be doing.

If you have in mind buying generic Viagra online it is because you may be suffering from a chronic condition called erectile dysfunction syndrome (EDS). This is the syndrome which stops you from having a penile erection when you are supposed to be sexually aroused during sexual intercourse. So, when you buy generic Viagra online you are going to remedy that situation by taking one pill every 24 hours. What the active ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate) in generic Viagra does is allow you a three to four hour window during which you can experience a full erection once you have been stimulated to arousal. If there is no stimulus and if there is no arousal you will not experience an erection because it does not work without proper stimuli, which makes as natural as possible. You need to keep this in mind when buying generic Viagra online. So, the good return in your medication turns out to be a business of two; when buying generic Viagra online remember that you will need your sexual partner´s help in order to get stimulus so that you can achieve arousal.

Sildenafil Citrate as I mentioned is the active ingredient in generic Viagra, so you need to be careful and only take one every two four hours. However, the generic Viagra pill comes in many different potencies or strengths from 25 mg, 50 mg and so on; so you need to find out which one works for you the best. The strength or potency of the pill will not extend the window of opportunity for more than three to four hours, the potency is designed with you height and weight factored in, so essentially it is made for you. In addition, please take the precaution not to share your medication with anybody else as the health advice was given in relation to your records. When you speak with a health professional in an online pharmacy the conversation and professional advice is only for you.

Levitra on-Demand for patients undergoing a Prostatectomy

Levitra, the erectile dysfunction drug know as generic Viagra along with Cialis, has been proven to be very effective to help manly erection problems on subjects that have undergone radical nerve sparing prostatectomy, as it has been reported in some European Urology publications such as journals and laboratory results. The ground breaking and very important job of the serious and clinically controlled experiments were carried out by the Bayer Schering company of pharmaceuticals, using a random and double blind placebo introduced multi center method for the studies done and carefully data recompilation based on instrumental and observatory measures. All the tests performed and the experiment in itself as a general was designed to test the efficiency of Levitra taken every night in counterpart with Levitra taken on demand, that is just when needed, and the placebo controlled subjects and how they reacted to sexual stimulation, or more in concrete if they could use Levitra to achieve a permanent erection after undergoing the medical procedure known as nerve sparing radical prostatectomy.

After performing tests and other experiments on subjects that had approximately fourteen days to nine months before had undergone the operation, this being the initial double blind study phase, Levitra showed a well recognized and significative improvement in cases over those subjects not taking Levitra but were rather given a compressed sugar pill known as placebo. Of the total up to fifty percent of the men taking Levitra nightly, forty four of the subjects taking Levitra of demand and just eleven percent of the men taking placebos reported having normal reactions to sexual stimulation including full, long lasting erections. Of these individuals more than half taking Levitra on demand reported a satisfactory conclusion to their sexual engagement, meaning that they were able to achieve ejaculation. Also forty tree percent of the people subjected to Levitra on a daily bases also reported a satisfactory ending to their sexual engagement, compared to just a twenty five percent of the men who reported their ending and that were given the sugar compress pills.

Lead investigator Francisco Montorsi, researcher attached to the University of San Vitto de Lucia in the heartland of Italy commented that based upon the results achieved by their experiments and observations they are confident to say that Levitra on demand is an excellent alternative for patients that have undergone the surgery and want to engage in normal relations with their couple without having to worry about not being able to perform, or to not be able to "go all the way". Now that Levitra is here it might actually help men a lot and so further studies are being conducted right now, to engage in resolving other men's health related diseases and problems.

Generic Cialis is Tadalafil

Online pharmacies make obtaining generic Cialis very simple and convenient as all generic medication is shipped directly to your home or place of business. It important though that you maintain the posology according the pharmacological design, especially with PDE5 inhibitor molecules. But, this is something trivial and losing sleep over this is futile. The important thing is that there is in fact generic medication for erectile dysfunction and that this medication is obtained cheaply through an online pharmacy. This is the main reason for online pharmacies to exist. They provide you with the most efficient way to maintain the inventory, medical records and licensed health professionals in their staff to provide you, the consumer with the best service available in the pharmaceutical industry. While the brand name medication pharmaceuticals have become huge and big in employee numbers they also have become sluggish and laid back. The only thing where they are pretty sharp is in charging steep prices for their patented medication and if you are one of those people, who for one reason or another do not have health insurance or the right kind of medical insurance are unable to obtain the medication they require.

The side effects in generic Cialis are basically the same as with Sildenafil Citrate; for example, headaches, stomach cramps, blurred vision and blood pressure changes with the difference being that you would take Tadalafil with much less frequency than its Sildenafil Citrate counterpart. In a few words, Cialis online is much softer in the system and you do not need to worry about penile tissue damage for any reason whatsoever because of the low intake frequency.

Cheap Cialis is today the medication of choice when it comes to the erectile dysfunction problem (EDS). This generic Cialis (Tadalafil) works in a different way than generic Viagra starting with the active ingredient. The active ingredient in generic Cialis is called (Tadalafil) reason why I have attached it to the main description. One of the main difference is when you use generic Cialis you only need one pill for every thirty six hours instead of generic Viagra's three hours prior approach. What this generic medication allows you to do is to pick the proper time for sexual intercourse within a thirty six hour window of opportunity. What Tadalafil does is that you drastically reduce the side effects because you are taking one pill every three days. So, I think this is an advantage that needs to be considered if your are thinking in using this particular generic medication.

Care should always be in the forefront of the use for generic Cialis though as your health is very important. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome it is always wise to see your doctor and then buy the prescribed generic medication though an online pharmacy.

Generic Viagra Online for Impotence

Generic Viagra online is one of the most popular medicines when regarding erectile dysfunction syndrome (EDS). The active ingredient for generic Viagra online in Sildenafil Citrate and it is one of the most potent generic medications you will find for erectile dysfunction syndrome (EDS). Generic Viagra online can be found through any online pharmacy which is equipped with the right personal and have plenty of suppliers all over the world who specialize in generic Viagra online.

It is important to note that generic Viagra online has some rare side effects, but you should be made aware of them, but it also depends on the dose taken at the time; some side effects are headaches, chest pains, abdominal pains, hearing loss, and cardiovascular disorder the latter being extremely rare where a chronic malady has to exist in order for generic Viagra online to effect in this manner.
If you go to an online pharmacy to acquire generic Viagra online then you will be open to a lot of valued added benefits which comes from the internet world of online pharmacies and “internet marketing”, needless to say the way online pharmacies reach the market segment for generic medication is somewhat unorthodox, but in contrast is quite in tune with the times.

Generic Viagra online can be effective with Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome (EDS) because it is designed to work at the synaptic level in correspondence with all PDE5 medication. However, when you take generic Viagra online you must make an effort to include your sexual partner in the secret so that your partner can help you stimulated your penile muscles into peak arousal and therefore experience a healthy and robust erection. If you do not have the support from your sexual partner then the medication will not be very effective as it works in a very natural way. Although, more robust than before your erection is a natural one and cannot be altered by medication alone. When you ejaculate your penis will react in the same natural way it would in the event you were not suffering from erectile dysfunction syndrome.

Another thing to remember about generic Viagra online is that it may be a symptom of an underlying cardiovascular disorder or simple stress and excess worry. Once you get these emotions into control you will find that your treatment will work much better. So, when taking any generic medication you must remember that it contains the active ingredient of the brand name medication with the difference being the cost. Generic medication as a whole costs a lot less because it relies on huge manufacturers all over the worl and they do not pay for patents or expensive advertisement. This savings for the online pharmacy will be passed to you the consumer in many different ways.